Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hot Color Combos

For some choosing a color palette is instant but more often than not it’s one of the more difficult decisions brides are faced with. After all it’s your colors that pull your whole wedding together from start to finish. In choosing you need to ask yourself a few questions.

1. What color am I instantly drawn to?
2. Have I been to any weddings that inspired me?
3. What colors will work (or clash) with your chosen venue or vision?

Always think about the “big picture” in selecting your colors. With that said here are some hot color combo’s I’ve come across.

Red / Orange
A vivid scheme is the way to go with this all-star match up. These complementary shades are the ultimate pair for making your wedding bright and bold and can be used any time of the year.

Tip: Choose Mandarin Orange bridesmaid dresses and add a scarlet sash or Ruby Red dresses with a Clementine Orange bow.

For flowers - lilies, parrot tulips, roses

Chocolate / Green
Chocolate brown is a perennial favorite amongst brides but this year new colors are being teamed up with it like pale pink, mandarin orange or turquoise blue. Kelly Green is ideal for the chocolate green match or spice it up with Green Apple tones.

Tip: Go organic by mixing green grasses, woody branches and earthy blooms to create a modern look.

Yellow / White
This is the ideal way to set a golden theme at any time of the year. For a very cold weather wedding throw in a warm shade of gray. All other season options are endless!

Tip: For a fabulous summer touch serve lemon flavored ice.

For flowers: Sunflowers, cymbidium orchids, bright yellow roses.

Red / Aqua
Like classic crimson and navy but don’t want the nautical look? Get color creative and deviate from tradition. Periwinkle would look nice but why not choose a refreshing shade of aquamarine instead? Try throwing in a little scarlet for drama.

Tip: Dress your bridesmaids in turquoise and choose bright red blooms. Use modern turquoise ribbon on bouquets.

Black / White
Ultra chic for a formal evening affair or to formalize an afternoon wedding. Throw in some hot pink or rich marigold for a stunning effect.

Tips: Work the textures. If you are using any photos in your décor choose black and white ones.

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