Monday, November 24, 2008

Your speech or toast - Creating original humor

Original humor is a must for any memorable wedding speech or toast. My friend Bruno from Fine Wedding Speeches gave me permission to reprint this guide for creating it.

Not every wedding speech is filled with puns and one-liners; many speeches succeed by virtue of their sincerity alone.

However everyone at a wedding appreciates a little appropriate light relief, which is why you will find many jokes (as well as sincerity) in your speech package. Each of these speeches will work as-is (except for name changes), but there is nothing at all to be lost in having a go at creating your own original humour to personalise your speech a little.

My schedule for forthcoming articles is as follows:

double meanings (puns)
the rule of three
the creation and use of witty anagrams, plus how to use history to enhance your speech
using rhyme and acronyms
using lateral thinking to search for joke ideas
using mind mapping to generate humour.
I'd like to enlarge just a little on these subjects to whet your appetite prior to a fuller treatment later.

a) Double meanings
- i.e. a play on words. Here is one example:

He's a light eater - as soon as it gets light, he starts eating.

As you can see, this joke uses two alternative meanings of the word light.

b) The Rule of Three
A series of three statements or revelations; the first and second might not be funny, but the third is, and being in a series of 3 magnifies and intensifies the humour value.

I said to James once that you couldn't know whether someone was truly your lifetime sweetheart until you had broken wind in front of them, to gauge their reaction. James went ahead and tried it. Jane didn't mind, but her parents were disgusted. And the vicar was appalled… and so was everyone else at the funeral.

OK, perhaps it's not suitable for a wedding, but you get the idea.

c) Anagrams and history
I will show you a source of anagrams on the internet and give you ideas how to use them.

d) Rhyme and acronyms
I will show you how these can be used to great effect, particularly when directly relevant to the Bride and Groom.

e) Lateral thinking
A very powerful tool which unlocks the creative potential of the mind, and how to use it to create humorous material.

f) Mind mapping
Another mind-blowing thinking tool and how it can be used in conjunction with all the above to open up your mind and produce joke ideas.

And that's all for this month

Bruno Barton

To read more Bruno's full article on each subject visit Fine Wedding Speeches.

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