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Favor buying tips

Favor Buying 101
Tips to Buying the Right Favors
Whether you're hosting a casual wedding of 50 people, an 8-person beachside luau, or an elegant affair of 300+ black tie guests, we can help you find the right reception favors.

Follow these simple rules and your guests will be delighted:


A favor is a keepsake to commemorate your day. Make sure it's really something people will associate with you. Personalize it! If you're not opting for personalized favors, you should be sure people won't be asking, "Whose wedding did we get this at?" three years down the road. Personalized wedding favors are in vogue today. Popular wedding favors are candy and chocolates, bath salts and soap, photo albums, picture frames, drink coasters, candles, wine glasses, shot glasses, and place card holders. Almost everybody loves chocolates and chocolate wedding favors are prized wedding favors for the guests who attend this auspicious occasion.

As a couple, or individually, people surely associate you with a certain style, hobby or other interest. Think about what those things might be, Poll friends and family about what makes them think of you. You want a wedding favor that will align with your personality AND your soul.
Idea: Met online? Give a personalized mouse pad or keyboard magnet.


Create a favor budget and stick to it! It's fun looking at all of the choices, but be careful. It's not hard for your favor purchase to quickly turn into $1000.00 if you're caught up in what's trendy or "cute," and not what's realistic. However - on the flip side - don't be too stuck on saving a buck, either. The rule of thumb is that if the favor costs under $1.00, it likely LOOKS like it cost under $1.00. Guests will be able to check up on you if you opt for cookie-cutter-made-in-china favors that are all over the Internet.

If you spend too little, you may hear negative rumblings instead of seeing appreciative smiles. If you spend too much, you'll probably have to adjust your budget elsewhere and skimp on another area of importance - like the guest book or the ring pillow. Be realistic when setting your budget - in the way of what you can afford, AND what "decent" favors typically cost.


There's nothing more pleasing to guests and the bridal party, than seeing a theme throughout a ceremony and reception. It shows that you put time AND thought into the "little details."

Hosting a beach luau reception after seaside vows? Stick with favors that match - AND match your decorations and tableware. Hosting a formal Italian affair after a big Catholic Ceremony? Choose Italian-imported favors set on a favor table rather than at each place setting. Hosting a black-tie affair? You wouldn't give just Jordan Almonds wrapped in tulle! Opt for crystal favors.

The themes are limitless!


We love them, but this is YOUR day. It's often very easy for a guest to tell that your "mother must have picked those." How impersonal! You can ask for opinions, but be sure the choice is FULLY yours. Don't settle just to avoid a dispute.


Pick favors that your guests can and will use. They CAN be practical AND beautiful. Be sure the favors you select will be widely received - meaning, they're not just something YOU like but will get tossed in the trash as people walk out the door. Pick something that you think EVERYONE at your wedding will enjoy. Some practical favor examples are themed cookie cutters, vases, crystal candy dishes, kitchen timers, photo holders (place card holders,) coffee scoops, or even olive oil bottles.


Be aware of trends, but don't be too stuck in them. For instance, "going green" is IN, and opting for plantable seed favors or bio-degradable favor boxes is a great idea. But don't SHOUT OUT that you went green. And don't overkill.


It may cost you a few extra dollars, but they're well worth it. You never know when you might need extras - in case of breakage during shipping, discoloration, ink or foil problems, or last-minute-YES-replies. Plus - don't forget to get a few extra for yourself! You'll definitely want a keepsake or two from the most important day of your life.

These are just SOME of the many things to consider when buying your wedding reception favors. We hope this helps and that your event is even more beautiful than you've imagined it!

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