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10 Tips to Glamorize Your Wedding

The best wedding planners have visions, just like any designer and can picture the whole event down to tiny details. If you’re a fan of My Fair Wedding you may have seen David helping the Irish bride who was thinking green. That’s a pretty common reaction, think Irish think green right? Not David, he thought Waterford! It’s that kind of thinking that turns a wedding into a memorable and glamorous one.

Here is a list of 10 things you do to kick your wedding up a notch.

1. Dress up the tables – This may seem odd to emphasize but table linens play a major role in shaping a room’s appearance. They offer some of the most prominent colors and textures at a wedding. For the most dramatic choose tablecloths in a shimmery fabric that reflect light. Chooses bronzes, silvers and other metallics for a special glow, the reflecting candlelight is amazing. Most venues have basic table linens; you can use overlays if your budget is limited and still make the space amazing.

2. Go for dramatic lighting – Everyone and everything looks more glamorous in low lighting. Use candles liberally and arrange for the venue to dim the lights to enhance the effect. If candles alone can provide enough light for your space that will create a truly unique and intimate ambience that will be unforgettable – what’s more romantic then a candle lit room? Use drip free candelabras, pillars, votives, and any other kind of candle you can imagine. Think of the candles as being part of your color palette.

3. Pump up your post vows look – A-list actresses, socialites and over the top brides have all been known to change into an entirely different gown for the reception. If 2 gowns are more than your budget can handle you can still make a show stopping 2nd entrance by altering your look for the reception. If you wear all white for your ceremony consider incorporating you wedding colors into your attire with a bright sash or even a special made underlay skirt for your dress in a matching color. Even changing accessories and hair adornments can greatly alter your appearance and create a memorable look.

4. Consider all white wedding attire – Black tie is the last word in traditional men’s formalwear, but you can set your groom and his men apart by dressing them in white jackets which is often done in elegant summer weddings. Something else that has been done and stood out was dressing your bridesmaid’s in white also. There’s a shade of white that flatters everyone and your all white attire will create a knockout effect in photos. If you want to make sure that you stand out add a colored sash to their dresses or put them in ivory and you where white or vice versa.

5. Nix the cookie cutter stationery – Utilizing stationery with boilerplate formality is a safe and traditional choice but it doesn’t offer any wow factor anymore. But be aware of the line between being creative and looking home spun. Subtly incorporate key elements of the event’s design scheme into the invitations and all your wedding stationery. Shop around and look at what’s available and think of how you can personalize it. Many different embellishments and other items are available now to further personalize, just don’t overdo it.

6. Try a tent – You see it everywhere now, celebrity wedding planners agree that a tented reception offers the most potential for a glam gathering. It’s a blank slate to start with so no worries about colors of the rug or wallpaper not matching your colors. Ceremonies in rented mansions with glamorous outdoor receptions are really hot right now. And another plus to it – look at what you save on transportation costs! This set up also gives you the opportunity for a cocktail hour before guests enter the tent.

7. Play sultry music – When you trying to set sophisticated mood music can present a dilemma. On one hand you want your guests to dance and have a great time but on the other hand seeing Great Uncle Wally get down to YMCA isn’t exactly the most romantic thought you’ve ever had. Although big bands are always a parent pleaser, a Latin American or Brazilian band is much sexier.

8. Keep the menu minimal – Rather than overwhelming your guests with a mass quantity of culinary options, go for a few high quality choices. Try to select a menu tailored to the season or the setting. For dessert pass on the fondue fountain in favor of rich, bite size chocolates and petit fours served at each table along side the cake.

9. Choose chic flowers – If glamour is your goal you might not want flower arrangements that look like they were casually picked out of a country meadow. Go for stylish structured centerpieces by “color blocking” with flowers. Picking colors close together in tone actually provides a more glamorous visual impact then contrast filled bouquets.

10. Make a grand exit – Newlyweds often skip a formal send off and dance until the lights come on. Or in the case of my own wedding my new husband loaded up all the left over alcohol and invited everyone back to our place to keep the party going! You’ll close on a more polished note if you buck that trend and leave before the guests do with a festive exit. Have your guests hold sparklers ask you whisk away in a chauffeured Rolls Royce or if you’re on water have a boat pick you up. An elaborate send off lends the party an enchanted and romantic aura. The ideas are endless for exiting in style.

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