Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Marriage Carriage (Getaway Car)

As some of you may remember in my previous post, I have a personal reason for preferring the “dramatic getaway” from your wedding. Unless you have a full service wedding planner I’ve seen a lot of brides try to dump the job of organizing this task on the groom. Before you do this make sure the dramatic effects are as important to him as they are to you. As wonderful as he is some the grooms just “don’t get it” when it comes to the theatrics of this event.

It is very important for you to plan ahead for your wedding transportation. Ideally you would like to have your transportation decided upon and booked six months ahead of time with 4 months being the absolute latest.

The first thing you need to do of course is to decide the type of transporation you want to get away in. There are endless options now when wedding transportation used to be pretty much limited to limousines. There are now specialist car rental companies that specialize in matching a car to the style of your wedding.

If you are staying the night in the hotel where your reception is located you can still do this just to take a relaxing ride away from all the festivities and prepare for your wedding night!

A few ideas for the getaway..
Hop in a limo and enjoy the first private moment with your loved one since the ceremony without worrying about driving.

If you had a beach or Hollywood glam theme, hop in a convertible!

If you had an upscale black tie affair hop in a luxury car like a Rolls Royce or Mercedes (which can be chauffered or not)

Think about your wedding style and explore all your options. No matter what your choice the getaway will be memorable while enabling you to get away gracefully and quickly.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gloves – To Wear or Not To Wear?

Most young brides I’ve talked to have not even considered wearing gloves, not that they are opposed to it. The idea just hasn’t crossed their mind. My advice is try on a pair with your gown, and you may be surprised at how much you like them. Gloves can add a sophisticated and polished look to any wedding gown.

There is no question that the addition of gloves will add dignity and grace to your wedding ensemble. The proper gloves will lend an air of elegance to this special occasion. However, because we don't wear gloves as often as perhaps our mothers or grandmothers did in the past, choosing the proper gloves and knowing the rules of wearing them can be intimidating.

Glove Style
Glove etiquette is a reflection of the times. Historically, the length of the glove was directly related how formal the affair and the time of day. Today, however, with more relaxed social rules, the length of the glove is a more adequate reflection of fashion-the color and style of your dress are the most important factors in choosing the proper glove. Your wedding gloves should complement your dress. Choose simple gloves to wear with an ornate gown. Conversely, a simple gown allows for fancier gloves. Remember the goal is to enhance not to overwhelm. While the traditional color for gloves is white, your wedding gloves should match your dress in both color and texture-white with white, ivory with ivory and more and more brides are opting for color gloves now too. The texture of your gloves should be similar to that of your dress. Silk gloves go perfectly with a silk gown. Other materials such as kidskin, satin, or lace are also appropriate, depending on the style of the dress. We now have the choice of fingerless gloves or glovelets as well.

Glove Length
Glove lengths range from 1-button, ending at the wrist, to 20-button, ending at the shoulder. The length you choose should complement your sleeve length. Generally, the shorter the sleeve, the longer the glove-a sleeveless or strapless gown would dictate a glove that comes to the upper arm. Elbow length gloves (12-button) should be chosen for dresses with either cap sleeves or elbow length sleeves. Shorter gloves (6-button and shorter) are reserved for dresses with longer, more fitted sleeves. It is important to remember that while the sleeve of the gown and the glove may meet, it is never proper for a glove to cover the sleeve of a dress.

Exchanging of the Rings
During the exchanging of rings, you may either remove the glove from the left ring finger by slitting the fabric underneath and lifting it over the finger or you may choose to remove the glove altogether. If you remove the glove, simply give it to the maid of honor at the same time you pass your bouquet. It's a good idea to practice removing your glove several times before your wedding to ensure a smooth transition. After the rings have been exchanged, simply pull the glove back down over the finger. If the glove has been removed, leave it off until after the ceremony. Remember to put your gloves back on for photographs.

During the Reception
At the reception, your gloves should be kept on in the receiving line and for special dances with your groom and your father. As it is never acceptable to eat or drink while wearing gloves, you should remove your gloves before cutting your wedding cake. As the more formal aspects of your wedding are now complete, you may wish to take off your gloves, relax, and enjoy your party! A fun idea is to change to a special bracelet or glovelet for the reception.

New Product Alert

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Our beautiful Honey's Sleeve glovelet comes in silver-plated or gold-plated colors and has a web which wraps around your wrist with a single strand extended to ensnare one of your fingers - a beautiful and exotic addition to your outfit.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Your Wedding Night

I saw this in a magazine once and the answers were a hoot - figured I'd try it here for a few giggles. So here we go...

Did you do "it" on your wedding night?

I'll start and fess up -

NO - My wonderful brand new husband invited everyone back to our house to party when the reception ended and by 1am I coulnd't hold my eyes open anymore. Better yet - everyone was still there when I woke up!

Hint: Avoid this by planning a glam exit and leaving before your guests!

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hot Color Combos

For some choosing a color palette is instant but more often than not it’s one of the more difficult decisions brides are faced with. After all it’s your colors that pull your whole wedding together from start to finish. In choosing you need to ask yourself a few questions.

1. What color am I instantly drawn to?
2. Have I been to any weddings that inspired me?
3. What colors will work (or clash) with your chosen venue or vision?

Always think about the “big picture” in selecting your colors. With that said here are some hot color combo’s I’ve come across.

Red / Orange
A vivid scheme is the way to go with this all-star match up. These complementary shades are the ultimate pair for making your wedding bright and bold and can be used any time of the year.

Tip: Choose Mandarin Orange bridesmaid dresses and add a scarlet sash or Ruby Red dresses with a Clementine Orange bow.

For flowers - lilies, parrot tulips, roses

Chocolate / Green
Chocolate brown is a perennial favorite amongst brides but this year new colors are being teamed up with it like pale pink, mandarin orange or turquoise blue. Kelly Green is ideal for the chocolate green match or spice it up with Green Apple tones.

Tip: Go organic by mixing green grasses, woody branches and earthy blooms to create a modern look.

Yellow / White
This is the ideal way to set a golden theme at any time of the year. For a very cold weather wedding throw in a warm shade of gray. All other season options are endless!

Tip: For a fabulous summer touch serve lemon flavored ice.

For flowers: Sunflowers, cymbidium orchids, bright yellow roses.

Red / Aqua
Like classic crimson and navy but don’t want the nautical look? Get color creative and deviate from tradition. Periwinkle would look nice but why not choose a refreshing shade of aquamarine instead? Try throwing in a little scarlet for drama.

Tip: Dress your bridesmaids in turquoise and choose bright red blooms. Use modern turquoise ribbon on bouquets.

Black / White
Ultra chic for a formal evening affair or to formalize an afternoon wedding. Throw in some hot pink or rich marigold for a stunning effect.

Tips: Work the textures. If you are using any photos in your d├ęcor choose black and white ones.

What's New - Hello Dolly Line

Weddingstar has introduced there Hello Dolly line of gifts for 2009. The ever popular pink and black line of gardening and "Ladies" tools are sure to be a hit! My personal favorite is the hammer which I have already ordered for myself! Doesn't ever self respecting lady need a pink blingy hammer to hang things on the wall?

Crystal "Bling" encrusted hammer with pink details. Fashionably packaged in a little black box.

Hello Dolly - Multi-Purpose Tool Belt in Pink
This belt is a great accessory to your working outfit! A great belt that has 12 pockets of 5 varying sizes - you won't be caught without the spot for the right tool for the job. This is a gift for anyone - the gardener, fix-it queen, painter or artist. This belt is made with lightweight, hard wearing, water resistant fabric and reinforced stitching with rivets for extra durability. This belt also has a tape holder and two hammer loops.

Hello Dolly - Tape Measure in Gift Box
Pink and black measuring tape. Individually packaged in a little black box with pink ribbon.

Hello Dolly - Pink Canvas/Cotton Apron
This stylish, pretty in pink apron, makes a fabulous gift for any girl that loves to look great while at work!

Hello Dolly - Multi-Purpose Gloves in Pink
Pink, Black and Hot! These multi-purpose gloves are fashionable, comfortable and hardwearing. Made from spandex and leather they mould to your hand and are perfect for working on the house, in the garden and even for driving. With black leather palms they are also good at disguising any dirt and can also be thrown in the washing machine!

Hello Dolly - Multi- Tool in Pink
Small enough to keep it in your purse, desk drawer, house or car. The following tools are included: needle-nose pliers, straight knife, wire cutters, small screwdriver, phillips screwdriver, lanyard attachment, can/bottle opener, corkscrew with assist, scissors, saw, serrated knife and diamond file.

Hello Dolly - Hang-it-up Kit in Pink Wrap Pouch
This convenient case can be easily hung wherever duty calls. This is a great case to have in your car. The following items are included: measuring tape, hammer, 20-in-1 screwdriver, 3-in-1 level, plus an assortment of nails, screws, and picture hooks. All tools are stylish in black and pink. Case has black embroidery detail.

Hello Dolly - Gardening Set in Gift Box
Made from polished aluminum with soft pink ergonomic handles for easy use, these tools will perform where you need them so you can just look fabulous! The following tools are included: basic spade, basic fork, secateurs / pruning shears. Fashionably packaged in a little black box.

Hello Dolly - 30 Piece Tool Kit with Pink Case
Durably packaged in a stainless steel brief case for easy access and portability. The following items are included: 6" adjustable wrench, scissors, 6.5" blunt nose pliers, 3m measuring tape, utility knife, hammer, 20-in-1 screwdriver, 3-in-1 level, plus an assortment of nails, screws, and picture hooks. All tools are stylish in black and pink.

All are available at discount prices at Dreams to Reality Wedding Shop - plus free tickets to the next Great Bridal Expo in your area!