Monday, December 1, 2008

Your Wedding Night

I saw this in a magazine once and the answers were a hoot - figured I'd try it here for a few giggles. So here we go...

Did you do "it" on your wedding night?

I'll start and fess up -

NO - My wonderful brand new husband invited everyone back to our house to party when the reception ended and by 1am I coulnd't hold my eyes open anymore. Better yet - everyone was still there when I woke up!

Hint: Avoid this by planning a glam exit and leaving before your guests!

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Eileen E said...

You mean some people don't?

Carol said...

Of course the 1st time lol. When I got married the 2nd time I was waiting for my loved one while he took a shower, the next thing I remember is waking up the next morning. He said I was sleeping so peacefully he didn't want to wake me!