Friday, January 9, 2009

Bridal Headpieces in Plain English!

Headpieces are the ultimate bridal accessory, adding just the right sparkle to your look. They offer both and accent and overall dimension to the appearance of the gown. Many times it can also reinforce a theme. Headpieces are a strong component of the overall bridal look again this season. Veils, hats and hair accessories are graced with feathers, silk leaves and petals. Feathers are one of the hottest trends to emerge this season as an accent on dress hems, tops and headpieces.

HALF HAT - Small hat covering half of the head. Worn in any position. Often worn with a birdcage veil.

HALO - The bridal halo style by definition is a circular bridal headpiece. Some consist of fabric flowers, or rhinestones and pearls or a combination of all three. Bridal Halos are a good choice for a headpiece if you decide to wear your hair in a curly up do or have a short cut. These types of bridal headpieces can be worn alone or with a detachable veil.

HAIR PINS / STICKS - These are ornamental hairclips that both hold up the hair for updo's and act as an attractive accessory. They are a available in a huge variety of styles and colors.

JULIET CAP - A Juliet cap sits at the crown of your head, and can be adorned with pearls, beading, or any other materials that coordinate with your gown. You can wear a Juliet cap alone, or use it to attach a veil. The Juliet Cap style is not something we regularly see, but its undeniably pretty and unusual.

PICTURE HAT - The most classic hat for daytime formals. Wide-brimmed and typically constructed out of straw or horsehair, picture hats are sometimes swathed in netting and organza. Either way, they conjure up images of croquet parties at Jay Gatsby's and all those 1930s movies draped in garden party chic.

PILLBOX - Round and brimless, this hat's worn either centered or back on the head. Though the style was first launched in the 1930s, Jackie Kennedy revived the look. And guess what? Martha Stewart wore a pillbox when she got married in the early sixties. Generally this hat looks best with suits and fitted sheath designs, but it's super with most other silhouettes.

PROFILE - The profile is an ornamental comb (often featuring flowers, crystals or pearls) that is worn either on the top or side of the head, or underneath your hairstyle. Profiles can be worn with or without a veil and are a great way to accent a sophisticated updo.

SNOOD - A snood is a net that encases a bun at the back of your head and can be made from a variety of fabrics and embellishments. You can attach a veil to the bottom of this headpiece.

WREATH - A circle of flowers that sits above the crown of the head or lower, encircling the forehead.

TIARA - Perhaps the most popular headpiece is the tiara. A tiara is an ornamental crown of pearls, crystals or rhinestones worn at the top of the head. Tiara's can be worn alone or with a veil.

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